Development tasks will be divided to multiple phases. Each phase provides an opportunity to critically evaluate the progress of the project and fine down the operating strategy.

Implementation will start from services that are useable with the clients current IT systems. These will help us to hone our production deployment and development routines to reach a high level of flexibility, without hindering our clients day to day operations.

Quotation is the first service enabled for users. Implementing it requires handling of the most basic registries and detailed pricing logic, which in turn creates a splendid foundation for us to hone the functionality and integration of the user interface.

01 – Microservices

First components seeing production use are microservices, print management and data export/import.

02 – Quotations

Quotation management, implemented as a separate component.

03 – Accounting

Accounting with basic reporting for management and tax administration.

04 – ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning, taking into account both AI and AR.

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