Programming technologies behind web services have developed with leaps and bounds. Web browser based applications offer sustainable development and many benefits for corporate usage, hence being the primary choice of software.


The most agile way to deploy programs. Docker containers provide a greater compatibility between development and production environments, while also guaranteeing effortless scalability.


PHP + Laravel + Lumen/Laravel combo makes PHP coding fun and easier. The idea of having beautiful code is even more important when things gets more complicated. Lumen is the little brother of Laravel and is well suited for API backends.


One of the newer reactive JS frameworks. It makes coding frontends exhilarating!


Go Finland! Most of our systems runs on Linux.


Swiss army knife of backups. Even though services are migrating to the cloud, you can’t forget backups – except tapes, those you can forget.

Elastic Search

If (when) there is some data to be crushed and analysed ELK-stack is good option. Our core searches and logging is going to be migrated to Elastic Search.


Should your data be kept on your own control but the functionality of Dropbox is needed, Nextcloud is the answer. It runs on premises, so you will never have to guess where your data is stored.


Virtualization works well even without expensive licensing. Proxmox is an easy to use virtualization platform built with KVM.

Solaris ZFS

ZFS is the way to go when your need to have proper data storage. It provides magnificent tools for replication and performance optimization.

Sound familiar? We might have job for you!